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Posh Victorian Pickup Lines

We’ve all been there – falling asleep at a game of cricket, when suddenly we spot a fair-skinned lady, holding her parasol and waiting for the game to end.
Should I approach her, you think. There are many courtiers on her doorstep. And her father won’t approve you anyway. And even if I do approach, what should I say?

It is time to put your insecurities aside and strike a conversation with her. Below are some first-liners to get you started, Victorian style:

The romantic approach

The casual approach

The straight-forward approach

The “you should date me ’cause I’m rich” approach

The really bad pickup line approach

Credit goes to Nathan “Relvox” Dortman for this one.

If used correctly, any of these sentences could get the conversation going. It is only a matter of time then, until you hear what you want to hear (and let’s face it, that’s what you want to hear):

4 Responses to Posh Victorian Pickup Lines

  1. Relvox says:

    First and Awesome!

  2. 승희 says:

    Why yes, dear sir, you can make me your bitch.

  3. not the twin says:

    indeed good sir you have managed to coax a chuckle. jolly good work.

  4. QC says:

    The top hat: ever-growing O_O

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