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5 Reasons Why Dirigibles > Airplanes

Since the time I stopped repressing my memories I was very, very fond of this whole dirigible thing. Like obese, steel-reinforced robo-whales, they cruise the sky, moving monocle-wearing posh people from one tea party to the other.

Or at least, that what should’ve been. One Zeppelin goes down in flames, and the next thing you know they put all their efforts in those fancy shmancy aeroplanes, with their “speed” and “massive payloads”. I mean, look at them! They’re not supposed to fly!

For those of you who don’t dig this dirigible idea straight away, here are several reasons why they can use your average airplane as crumpets. Metaphorically speaking (the diagrams below are not drawn to scale, as dirigibles tend to dwarf everything else with their awesomeness):

1. You can fly with your window open

In addition to enjoying fresh air without being sucked out of the window to the Freefall of Death, this opens many other options:

The possibilities are limitless!

2. It’s not a metal tube with wings


Makes as much sense as sending monkeys to mars

3. More efficient for multi-leg flights

This is how you should board a vehicle, and damned be the complaints of those first-class passengers. If it works at the movies it should work for them too:

Damn economy class

4. Works as an anti-pigeon battleship

Revenge is a dish best served steaming

5. They handle empty fuel tanks much, much better

Also, airplane guy is probably a virgin

6 Responses to 5 Reasons Why Dirigibles > Airplanes

  1. Relvox says:

    You sir, has made an awesome!

    Kinda reminds me of The Oatmeal, only with Dirigibles!

  2. Brian says:

    Funny! I love the drawings, and the gentleman who is the average passenger, very amusing.

  3. Shay says:

    After that incident with the whole blowing up n’ stuff
    they switched from Hydrogen to Helium
    kinda, sorta less explodable gas
    so that’s 6# for you- A Zeppelin full of helium being directed
    by a small easy-going solar motor (clouds=longer tea-time)
    good night

    • mimafogeus says:

      Indeed, modern dirigibles (and, more specifically, Zeppelins) and blimps use Helium.
      However, they’re being used sporadically, and that mainly for surveillance and advertising. Passenger flights are rare and sold as gigs.

      There are probably ecological advantages to a vehicle in which a lighter-then-air gas is used for most of the lift instead of combustible fuel. Also – helium parties!

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