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Hi, I’m Michael Ezra Adventure Stanger. But you can call me Miki because I like you.

You know those totally random jokes that come up as a result from random conversations? I take some of them and turn them into graphical blog posts. Then I put them here.

I also design stuff and draw.

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  1. donde se aya ese tal pepino de mar ? es caro ? por lo comentado parece muy exótico

  2. Courageous article – I think as a species we have unconscious drives to compete to acheive higher status as well as strong tendencies to imitate high status individuals along with craving, aversion and ignorance. Living consciously, non-violently, and widening our circle of goodwill to include all species are essential. This manifests as less money, less stuff, vegan, more time with friends and family, more time in nature, and a service oriented lifestyle.

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